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This site is designed to help encourage Tekes to do business with other Tekes!  As more fraters join, we will update the structure to make it easier to find specific types of businesses.  

It's easy to join . . $50 annually, which goes to support TKE Atlanta activites and events as well as our support for our local undergraduate chapters.

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Directory Categories

Advertising & Marketing  
Public Relations, Graphic Design

  Architecture & Engineering 

  Arts, Culture & Entertainment 
Theatre, Museums, Professional Entertainers, Tourism 
Automotive & Transportation
Sales, Service

  Business & Professional Services
Consulting, Architecture, Recruiting, Fundraising, Vet, Non-Profit

  Communications, Media, & Publishing

Community, Charitable, & Social Services

  Computers & Telecommunications
IT, Phone Systems
  Conservation & Forestry

Construction & Contractors
General Contractor, Subcontractors, Consultants, Engineers

  Education, Training, & Library
Teachers, Tutors
  Energy & Utilities

Farming & Fishing


Finance & Insurance
Mortgage, Investment Planning, Life Insurance

  Government & Policy
Government Services
Doctors, Clinics, Physical Therapy, Hospice, Psychology

  Home & Garden
Home Repair, Landscaping, Agriculture
  Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Legal & Public Safety
Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS

  Manufacturing, Production & Wholesale   Military & Law Enforcement
Mining & Natural Resources

  Personal Services
Counseling, Gym, Physical Therapy, Massage

  Real Estate, Moving & Storage
Time Share

Sales & Retail

  Science & Technology
Engineers, Aerospace, BioTech

  Sports, Recreation, & Travel
Veterinary & Animal Sciences

  Shipping & Transport

  Other - Not Listed
All Businesses