Upcoming Delta Chi Georgia Tech Events

We hope that you can join us for our upcoming event(s).  If you have any questions, please contact our account manager, Sam Craig, at 770-903-3987 or [email protected].

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Delta Chi 25th Anniversary Chartering Event

Registration for the Delta Chi 25th Anniversary of Chartering Event has closed. Please contact Sam Craig at (770) 903-3987 or [email protected] for late registrations.

NameGraduation Year
Jordan G. Avery2014
Kirk M. Avery2013
Jonathan E. Beinke1994
Kevin R. Bell2009
David R. Bentley1991
Michael K. Boudreau1993
Michael L. Carroll1971
Brian M. Crawford1992
David Edwards1986
Alexander J. Fleming1996
George Flynn1977
Robert E. Jones
Felix Krebs
Shane P. Long1999
Scott M. Lovett2001
Jerry G. Lowery1995
Jim Marascio1993
Matthew S. Mason2001
Carl L. McCauley1991
Mario Mifsud1988
Edward J. Park1997
Benjamin M. Payne2013
David W. Schimming1992
Steven G. Shockley1992
Keith Shriver1979
Scott H. Siegel2002
Kevin C. Watts1994
Milton A. Whitley1998
Michael S. Yim1993
Results: (1 - 29) of 29


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