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TKE Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Part of the TKE Atlanta Alumni Association mission is to promote TKE businesses, employment and mentoring.  To support that mission, we have launched the TKE Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber membership provides you the opportunity to:

  • List Your Business Information
  • List Job Openings for TKE alumni and undergraduates (coming soon!)
  • Review Resumes from TKE's looking for employment (coming soon!)

Membership in the Chamber is $50 annually.  You can join or get additional payment information here.

Fraters who join the TKE Atlanta Chamber after October 31 will be credited with access for the following year.

You must be a registered member (free) and logged into the TKE Atlanta Alumni Association database to complete and/or update your chamber information. To register/logon, please visit our Chamber registration/logon page.

Once logged on and paid, your chamber profile will be listed below so you can update/provide your relevant business information. Please complete as much as possible so that we can list you and your business properly.


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